Following Joe’s idea for a TAG blog/wikki, we could use this space, or a similar space, to set-up a TAG(ing) project for TAG 2007.  This session could be open for the duration of the conference and people could participate at their convenience and contribute to Pastxting or any other TAG sessions.  In particular this could explore the range of media (such as mobile phone imaging) and ideas used and developed as part of contributors’ TAG(ing).

2 Responses to “TAG(ing)”

  1. Joseph Says:

    When I first saw this I thought it referred to tagging, not TAGing, but now I see.

    Yes, I think this’d be great. I’m thinking of less of a stand up and talk session, and more of a weekend long workshop, just as you’ve described above.

    I remember we’ve spoken in the past (those two dissertations) about establishing frameworks for study/comparison. Do we need such a framework here? Or would a Pastxting foundation or departure point be more appropriate?

  2. Steve Says:

    Had a thought that we could play on the idea of Tag Clouds. Perhaps this could be a framewrok if such is required. What kind of TAG tag cloud would develop over the duration of the conference?

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