A Brief History of Information


I was taught Archaeological Theory just as I was taught archaeology: A history with a time line to be recorded and remembered. Just as the past was a series of events upon an otherwise empty time line, the development of Arch. Theory was another linear process. Events and ideas progress from left to right; from past to less-past, with little in between except some joining words and the notion that previous events or ideas shape those that follow. Similar events or ideas may share the same paragraph, chapter or page, with more disparate events or ideas placed further apart; everything has to be written down.

Archaeological Theory, it’s been claimed, is dead. Does the above description refer to Theory’s death throws or its post-mortem? Either way, having the luck to receive such an introduction to the subject, I was pleased to have delivered to me via RSS A Brief History of Information: An interesting first part that describes the theoretical underpinnings of Information in a similar way to the descriptions of archaeological thought currently taught in British universities. As we move into new areas, such as Information Technologies, will these historiographies be required for us to place ourselves within the current academic landscape? Whether they are or not is irrelevant; they’re being written regardless and provide, at least, an interesting read.


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  1. shog33 Says:

    Part 2 of this article can be found here:


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