Saddam Hussein and the “deplorable” Cult of Disclosure


More relevant thoughts from The Register:

New media pundits belong to a cult of disclosure – the more information we have available to us, the wiser we will all be. If we could only publish everything, and make it instantly accessible to everyone, we’ll have reached a higher state of consciousness. For example, this belief is beautifully illustrated by the claim that “Widely Available, Constantly Renewing, High Resolution Images of the Earth Will End Conflict and Ecological Devastation As We Know It” – that one (if you hadn’t already guessed) comes from a Google marketing guy.

Arguing against the mobile phone footage of Saddam’s death (I was under the impression that the proceedings were being recorded by the Iraqi Prime Minister’s official photographer, but that’s another matter), John Prescott has described the situation as “deplorable”.

Of course, full disclosure of archaeological activities is quite different from the depiction of an execution, but it’s an interesting subject nontheless and relevant to my previous (elsewhere) discussions of the downfall of Ceauşescu, archaeology and the media.


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