Open Knowledge Forum 2007


Not TAG, but an interesting looking conference that just arrived in my inbox. In the past these Open Knowledge events have filled up very quickly, leaving many disappointed. The Open Media and Open Space sessions look particularly interesting (we should do something like Open Space at TAG2007 – a Pastxting workshop).

Here’s the email:


Open Knowledge 1.0
Saturday 17th March 2007, 1100-1830
Limehouse Town Hall

* When: Saturday 17th March 2007, 11am until 6:30pm (Doors open at 1030)
* Where: Limehouse Town Hall, 646 Commercial Road, London, E14 7HA.
* Programme:
* Registration:
* Wiki:

On the 17th March 2007 the first all-day Open Knowledge event is taking
place in London. This event will bring together individuals and groups
from across the open knowledge spectrum and includes panels on open
media, open geodata and open scientific and civic information.

The event is open to all but we encourage you to register because space
is limited. A small entrance fee of £10 is planned to help pay for costs
but concessions are available.

## Theme: Atomisation and Commercial Opportunity

Discussions of ‘Open Knowledge’ often end with licensing wars: legal
arguments, technicalities, and ethics. While those debates rage on, Open
Knowledge 1.0 will concentrate on two pragmatic and often-overlooked
aspects of Open Knowledge: atomisation and commercial possibility.

Atomisation on a large scale (such as in the Debian ‘apt’ packaging
system) has allowed large software projects to employ an amazing degree
of decentralised, collaborative and incremental development. But what
other kinds of knowledge can be atomised? What are the opportunities and
problems of this approach for forms of knowledge other than Software?

Atomisation also holds a key to commercial opportunity: unrestricted
access to an ever-changing, atomised landscape of knowledge creates
commercial opportunities that are not available with proprietary
approaches. What examples are there of commercial systems that function
with Open Knowledge, and how can those systems be shared?

Bringing together open threads from Science, Geodata, Civic Information
and Media, Open Knowledge 1.0 is an opportunity for people and projects
to meet, talk and plan things.

okfn-announce mailing list

12 Responses to “Open Knowledge Forum 2007”

  1. An Open Past « Pastxting Says:

    […] it’s finally entered my brain: The persuit of an Open Past. All I needed to do was read that email and it hit me instantly. How could I have missed it […]

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