Hearing the past: or just voices in my head?


Given my interest in sound and its role in the past, I was interested to come across this website for the Future of Sound tour.  Some very interesting ideas there and it includes Paul Devereux in the list of artists who has done some audio research at archaeological sites.

Further related information about sound and new technology can be found on the Make beautiful brain music post on Wired News.


2 Responses to “Hearing the past: or just voices in my head?”

  1. Joseph Says:

    A coincidence to see Paul Devereux mentioned: At CAA today I saw Matthew Wright give a really good paper named­ Archeoacoustics Re­examined. In short, a great paper that adds a lot of insight to the topic. His conclusion:

    “If Neolithic tombs were built to emphasis mind altering [I forget his exact words] frequencies, then so was my garage”

    Wright was also keen to mention that the A string on a guitar vibrates at 110 times a second (110 Hz). Trance inducing!

    Having said that, the Future of Sound does look good. I’d consider going.

    I’ll put some more stuff up about CAA after the final day tomorrow.

  2. shog33 Says:

    I would certainly be interested to find out more about what Matthew Wright has to say on archaeoacoustics. For note there is a recent 2006 publication entitled Archaeoacoustics edited by Chris Scarre and Graeme Lawson that contains articles that consider the (un)intentional role of sound and ancient structures.

    Following from the Future of Sound concept it might be fun to consider the rhythms and “musicality” of pit digging and use. This could also be tied into recent experiments Dr Pannet and myself have done with burning flint, which can result in exiting audio and visual displays as the flints explode – a bit like fireworks.

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