CAA 2007: A summary


Here’s some quick Pastxting relevant thoughts from CAA 2007. There was a lot of very interesting papers to be heard on a wide range of topics; big thanks to the organisers and participants for an enjoyable two days. Here’s a quick run down of the papers (in the order they appear in the programme) I thought relevant to this site:

Michael Charno spoke of LEAP:

The aim of the project is to investigate novel ways in which electronic publication over the Internet can provide broad access to research findings in the arts and humanities, and can also make underlying data available in such a way so that readers are enabled to ‘drill down’ seamlessly into online archives to test interpretations and develop their own conclusions.

The completed example: Richard Jones et al.‘s Whittlewood project. It’s a bit like this example of the of the project online, but with less fun 😉

Neil Grindly spoke of the Methods Network. Something to look into I think as a source of money for some pitting activities.

Matthew Wright spoke of Archaeoacoustics Re-examined. Good stuff.

Sebastian Rahtz gave a very interesting keynote about the past twenty years of archaeological computing and some thoughts for the future. Enjoyable as his love for Open Source software dominated his paper.

Tom Goskar spoke of his computer generated visualisation of a submerged Mesolithic landscape.

Mia Ridge asked “web 2.0 buzzword or benefit?” I think we’d all say benefit about that one.

There’s more reports of the conference provided by Jo Cooke for day one and day two. Thanks for her kind mention of my paper in her day one discussion. I was also introduced to the Antiquist group – something that looks fascinating and that I’ll be keeping an eye on.

I think that’s about it for now…


2 Responses to “CAA 2007: A summary”

  1. Steve Says:

    Very useful summary with plenty to follow up, cheers Joe. Was most intrigued to see Tom Goskar’s Past Thinking blog, must certainly keep an eye on that! A somewhat similar name quite coincidently, convergence.

  2. Joseph Says:

    Just updated with one I forgot. And yes, Tom’s blog is coincidently named; I wonder if he’s gone with the same play on words as we have, in which case he’s probably working with Thinking 2.0!

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