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The Pits

January 26, 2007

This might be a useful book to track down: The Pits

The Pits is an artists book by Janet Hodgson, documenting her 4-year art project based around the biggest archaeological dig in the UK at Whitefriars, Canterbury.

It could provide some useful insight into how one artist has portrayed pits through art.

The Way We Loop “Now:” Eddying in the Flows of Media

January 22, 2007


A great paper online here from this collection.

Well worth reading and thinking about in relation to Pit(ing) and potential media projects.


December 20, 2006

The pit(ing) idea has been developing for some time following discussions originating out of the Southern Romania Archaeological Project (SRAP) where we have been excavating early Neolithic pit features since 2001.

The idea is to now (re)mediate the digging of, and engaging with, a pit.